January 29th, 2013

Bali Art – Handicraft & Artwork


Beautiful Bali Paintings, Silk & Batik, Stone and Wood carvings

Bali art – like Bali wood carving, Bali stone carving and Celuk gold- / silverwork are beautifully made – aboriginal art – very often even handmade by Bali artist – or Bali art project if it’s a large sculpture etc. You’ll be able to find such items all over the island, being woodcarving, stone carving, gold and silver smiths, basket  weavers, terracotta or ceramics, a complete range of handicrafts. Here’s a short list of some of the best products of artwork for sale on Bali, most of the producers welcome you watch as the products are made, and of course you’ll have the opportunity to purchase these goods, at the end of such visits.
We offer a wide range of tours, that’ll take you to some of these places.



Bali wood carvings and wood handicrafts

Normal Balinese woodcarvings has traditionally been of spiritual subjects. Mas Village is one of the most famous Bali villages where it’s possible to find beautiful handcrafted Bali wood carvings. Mas village is located in near Ubud. Visitors in Mas are able to watch the Balinese artists make the wooden statues etc.  – several of the best Balinese carving studios are to be found there. They have hand carved Balinese wooden statues, masks etc. in all sizes you can think of – for a price within your budget. Another central area for wood carving is on the road up to the Sebatu regency, Bali, Indonesia.
In addition, you’ll find many other Balinese woodcarvings like wooden banana trees, wooden flowers, Bali wooden masks. All of these, are the kind of things that might regularly be found at less expensive costs.

Other products may be wood handicrafts for memento like wooden nameplate, key chains, dream catcher, wind chimes, wooden boxes and many alternative types of color and form can be discovered simply in most art shops and wood carving places of interest in Bali. We have a lot more information, pictures and video about Bali Wood carving – Click here: Bali Wood Carvings, Mas Ubud (or click on the photo below).


mas ubud, bali Wood carvings
Mas Ubud, Bali Wood carvings, Hand Carved

Bali Stone Carving

There are many sorts of stone carvings like conventional Balinese sculpture, hyper-realist animals, modern style, for example. The chosen material for stone carving is sometimes known as volcanic tuff that has a resemblance to the color of cement when it is newly carved.

Many visitors to Bali presume they’re cast, not hand-crafted. To see the handiwork with your own eyes, look at the bend in the road in Batubulan which has always been renowned as being the town of stone carvers. More info about Bali stone carving: Click here for more info about Bali Stone Carving


bali stone carving
Bali Stone carvings


Celuk Silver and Gold, Bali jewellery – Bali art for sale

The hamlet of Celuk is now well covered with studios all selling silver ware, with their classic Balinese work using granulation and a method of attaching gold to the outside of silver. Today the industry is extraordinarily complicated and has everything from normal pieces to up to date designs. More info, photos, videos – click here: Celuk Village Gold Silver

About Bali – Artwork and Crafts – Other Bali artist

These include paintings from Ubud paintings, where Spies settled, Sanur paintings on the southern coast, and Batuan paintings, a traditional hub of musicians, dancers, carvers and Balinese painters.

– traditional Balinese paintings, abstract art, modern art, Budda paintings, oil painting – get a Bali driver guide to show you art gallarys or Balinese painters compound – read/Watch Pictures and video about: Batuan, Balinese Painters, Balinese Artwork, Balinese Paintings, Bali).


balinese paintings
Balinese Painting – Balinese Art

 Balinese textiles (silk and batik) is an important part of Balinese art with the beautiful cloth factories, baron, other textiles – read more here: Thopati Bali, Batik and Silk.
Of other Balinese art you’ll find: basket weavers, wood puppets, stick puppets, Bali dried flower, terracotta marionettes, ceramics, wooden chess boards, Balinese musical instruments, Bali furniture, huge pots from Lombok, leather works from Java, primitive statues from the eastern islands, brass bowls, bronze statues and other ornamental items. More general info: Read more about Bali art – paintings – Wood carving – stone carving – gold silver etc. on wikipedia

Purchasing art and craft is meant to be enjoyable on Bali tours. Bali is one the best places to find something lovable and pretty for yourself or someone that you like – there are lots of Bali art for sale. Enjoy!


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